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The Importance of Images for Your E-Commerce Site

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The importance of images for your site in e-commerce is invaluable. Images are the first thing a customer looks at when reviewing your product. The quality of the product you sell starts with the quality of the image you upload. So, images are an important part of the quality process. It can affect your customer's purchase decision as well as make him stop buying. Well-scaled, high-quality images provide information that leaves no room for question-marks in the mind of the customer, protecting you from return orders. The customer first communicates with the image you uploaded, not with you. It appraises you with the visual. Therefore, the images on your E-Commerce site are your brand ambassadors. The more detailed information and explanation this ambassador offers, the higher the probability of a sale. So we have to ask the real question, how can we choose an impressive product photo and how can we reap the benefits? By presenting the answers to these questions with all their titles in our article, we will explain what needs to be applied for impressive visuals for your E-Commerce site.

Image Resolution

The product image you are going to upgrade must not be below the standard resolution. So what is this standard? The resolution size suitable for the Internet environment is 72 dpi (Dot Per Inch). The resolution, which does not fall below this measure, presents your image in high quality. However, in order to provide high quality, it is necessary not to upload large-sized photos. Since large images will slow down your page, you should upload images with a maximum size of 2mb. The size of the image is as important as its resolution. If your photo area is 500×500px but you upload a 200px photo, the system will automatically frame it. Then a distorted image appears, where details cannot be seen.

Multiple Photos

  • The first thing to consider when uploading images to your e-commerce site should be to try to offer the customer the experience in the physical store.

  • Just as you take the product you are going to buy in a store and examine every part of it, you should ensure that the customer examines every aspect of the product with multiple photos.

  • Presenting multiple photos will give the customer a store experience. He will feel more secure about the product as he will be able to see every part of the product he will buy and the material used.

  • Also, search engines tend to highlight products with a large number of photos. 6 or more images were ideal

Showing Product Details

We talked about multiple photos above. However, the first of the multiple photos you will upload should only draw attention to the details of the product. The product should make up at least 90% of the photo frame. Photographs taken from wide angles do not offer the customer the opportunity to be examined. In addition, there should be no irrelevant accessories and backgrounds that will overwhelm the product.

Product Background

Another thing to consider about the importance of images for your e-commerce site is the background of the product. Choose backgrounds that will make your product stand out. The ideal color for this is white. A off-white tone not only brings your product to the fore, but also gives the customer the opportunity to examine the product without straining their eyes.

Photos Should Contain Alternatives

If the product is made of different materials or has different colors, it is necessary to attach separate photographs for each of them. Confusing the customer by writing the alternatives of the product in the description causes loss of order. All alternatives of the product should be added in a single tab so that the customer can see it.

Zoom Option

In the web interface you will use, there should be a zoom option. In this way, you will allow the customer to examine the product in detail as he wishes.

Use of Light

One of the biggest reasons for incorrect orders in internet products is the use of light. Since the photo is taken with the flash of the phone or camera, reflection in the product color causes breakage. The right light should be chosen for the photo of the product. The ideal light for this is natural light. Photograph your products in a bright environment during daylight hours. Or you can buy a small product shooting tents, which are sold at affordable budgets, place your product inside and shoot. In this way, you can get photos with the clarity you want and reflect the real tones of the product. In this way, all your photos will have the same light intensity and tones.

Photo Style

Please do not try your photography skills on the products you will sell. You should not take photos in unrelated frames and styles with the concern of being creative. As much as possible, you should use the same light, the same background, a simple style of photography. If the photos from the manufacturer do not suit you in terms of light and background or do not suit your style, photograph the products yourself.

The Effect of Product Images on SEO

It should not be forgotten that product images attract the attention of search engines as well as having an effect on the user. Therefore, the importance of visuals for your E-Commerce site is an issue that cannot be ignored.

Images uploaded in the dimensions we mentioned above also have an effect on your ranking in Google searches.

Images are an important part of On Page SEO. Visual searches by your target audience are very important for E-Commerce sites. Users do a product-related keyword search from time to time. The visitors you get through Google image search are your potential customers. Because they came to your site by searching for products directly.

The quality of your product photos also allows users to spend more time on your site.

By analyzing your potential customers correctly, you contribute to SEO by optimizing the images appropriately for web engines. The wounds that product images will provide to your site are;

  • It extends the time users stay on your site.

  • Increases the hit of your web page

  • Helps you be more visible in image searches

  • Drives organic traffic to your site Increases your brand awareness

When uploading your images, you need to evaluate the "alt" feature. With a short description you will write in the "bottom", you will inform the user in visual searches. In addition, you should make sure that the photo file you upload is the same as the product name. When using the alt feature, choose plain words to use when describing your product to someone. For example: Leather winter shoes or Blue evening dress.

From this perspective, the importance of images for your E-Commerce site will be better understood. In e-commerce businesses, it is the visuals you use that provide the link between the customer and the product. The higher the quality and the more detailed the product, the closer the customer is to the "Add to Cart" button. The images you will use are an important part of the commercial process, which ensures the persuasion and confidence of the user.

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